The Most Affordable Lofts in Toronto

At first, we were going to call this article “The Cheapest Lofts in Toronto.” The word “cheap”, however, does these lofts an injustice. They are not the run-down or dilapidated homes that the word “cheap” implies.

These lofts are desirable like any other loft, however most of them are more affordable due to their locations being a bit removed from the city core.

For lofts in Toronto’s downtown core, you can easily pay $800 to $950 per square foot. We won’t get into specific pricing, as this list would become quickly dated, however the lofts listed below are generally about 20% less expensive than most in the city core.

Buying a loft in an area that’s still growing is also ideal if you want your purchase to appreciate in value (see Why Lofts Make For Strong Investments).

By choosing your location wisely, you can get more square footage for your budget. You’ll get more bang for your buck without buying “less” of a loft.

It’s worth nothing that there are exceptions. In our opinion, the Tribeca Lofts are low in price and because it’s an office building conversion, rather than a conversion from a factory or warehouse. We’ve included it on list this because it is an authentic hard loft conversion, and the building does offer some great layouts.

In comparison, the Upper Beaches Lofts are much nicer and still affordable. The Foundry Lofts are perhaps the most stunning of all of these, with 19′′ ceilings and original exposed brick walls.

Here’s the list. To view the actual loft profiles, click on the name below.

If you’re on a budget and want some recommendations, Contact us and we’d be happy to help out!

The Most Affordable Lofts in Toronto

Tribeca Lofts– 797 Don Mills Rd

Studio one Lofts– 121 Prescott

Upper Beaches Lofts– 214 Main St

Forrest Hill Lofts– 1001 Roselawn Ave

The Foundry Lofts– 1100 Lansdowne Ave

Century Lofts– 365 Dundas St. E

Chelsea Lofts– 1375 Dupont St

West Village Lofts– 550 Hopewell

The Lofts on Sorauren– 347 Sorauren Ave Team

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